Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality service at an affordable price is what makes J&J Commercial Services, Inc.
the obvious choice to meet your food service equipment needs.


Wouldn't you like to know exactly how much service to your cooking equipment will cost in the coming year...

... Before the year begins?

The STANDARD or FULL SERVICE CONTRACTS now offered by J&J Commercial Services, Inc., are your opportunity to LOCK your repair budget for an entire year (or more).

These contracts are customized to YOUR exact requirements.
You NEVER pay for more than you really need!



  • Regular service calls
  • Emergency service calls
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Boiler Descalings
  • 1 year limited parts warranty
  • Contract life labor warranty
  • No charge for travel
  • No charge for mileage
  • Toll free telephone number
  • All standard contract features
  • Emergency overtime service!


Just some of our customers:

  • MIT
  • Boston Public Schools
  • Mass Dept of Corrections
  • Watchusett Reg School District

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Local: 508 326-1066

Fax: 508 949-9172

Toll Free: 800 982 4722

We Service All Your Needs!


Literally, EVERY piece of equipment is tested and evaluated for proper performance and safety standards. All results are detailed in a concise P.M. Report, which lists all equipment and repairs that are recommended at that time.

The Report is accompanied by a quotation, specifying parts needed for recommended repairs.


A unique maintenance program to insure that your equipment is always in good working order!

J&J will visit your food service site on a pre-arranged schedule to perform a complete electrical, operational and mechanical inspection of all appliances in the kitchen.

This program includes testing of all wiring, thermostats, gas burners, pilot safeties, fans, etc. Particular attention is paid to the condition of internal wiring, the proper balance of gas/air mixture, and the performance level of thermostats, fans and motors.

Testing for gas leakage is performed, as is the calibration of all thermostats, where necessary. All external parts are checked for ease of operation, such as door catches, gaskets, hinges, etc. Minor adjustments, such as leveling of ovens and sharpening of slicer blades, are also done at this time.